NEWS 2014.02.22

Granola Girl: Rianna “Hummingbird” Holmes is a downplayed

Dull Surprise: Believe it or not, the best example doesn’t come from Jenni, but Reverend Snow when he finds Eric’s dead body. Fanservice: Gratuitous shots of Jenni stripping down to her undergarments. Gaslighting: Eric’s plan to drive Jenni insane and get control of her money. Wham Line: “Feathertop. You forgot your feather.” What the Hell, Hero?: Miss Bee Bee brings her scarecrow to life so she can have a companion, yet when she feels unsafe and decides to leave town, she doesn’t take Scarecrow with her. This seems unnecessarily cruel because Scarecrow can never interact with the townspeople or Polly unless he wants to be destroyed. The Exotic Detective: The Leaphorn/Chee series originally came across as this. Before Hillerman stories about Native American detectives on The Rez were rare, although today it’s a whole subgenre. FBI Agent: Homicides committed on the reservation are FBI jurisdiction, so they appear quite a bit.

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Replica Hermes Birkin Task Force: VALKYRIE: The US government’s answer to the things that go bump in the night, VALKYRIE’s mission is twofold. Their first objective is to keep the general public safe from Extra Normal Entities. The second is to keep that same public from ever learning about the critters. She then ends up killing their unborn child in a botched suicide attempt, and eventually runs away from home, only to end up amongst a pirate crew. They brutally raped her and treated her as nothing more than a pet until she had the courage to stab the Captain in the neck, and take over the ship for herself. All There in the Manual: The first book has a set of rules for the card game Rake in the back. Love Hurts: Oh boy. Love Letter Lunacy: Devin gets a very fragrant, rather forward love letter from Alais’s sister. If I were stronger I could do more, but at least they will not hurt you in the morning now Replica Hermes Birkin.